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Wage Differences

Alright, so we’ve talked about saving and investing and all that fun stuff, but we haven’t discussed how we’re getting the money in the first place. I figured this post comes at a good time to break down and examine the difference types of wages and pay. No matter what your job or career is,Continue reading “Wage Differences”

Real Estate

If you’ve kept up with my blog over the past few weeks, you have been exposed to a magnitude of different information regarding personal finance. In a previous post, Passive Investing, I mentioned real estate investing briefly. Today, we’ll cover some different routes people use to make money through purchasing property. Also, on a sideContinue reading “Real Estate”

The Stock Market

Today let’s talk about the stock market and cover the fundamentals you need to know before you get started trading. To preface this post, I would like to state that I am by no means a professional and I simply hope to provide information on how to navigate the stock market so that you, asContinue reading “The Stock Market”

Passive Investing

Today, we are going to get into the more rewarding, personal methods of investment. In all of the previous posts on this blog, we have focused on laying the foundation of personal finance, and if you’ve followed along to this point you’re ready to start investing. In my experience, passive investing seems to be theContinue reading “Passive Investing”

First Investments

Before continuing, I’d like to state that I am by no means a professional financial advisor and I am not telling you how to use your money. I am simply passing on knowledge I have gained through my own research with hopes that it may encourage others to do the same. With that being said,Continue reading “First Investments”

Eliminating Debt

Today I’d like to cover a topic which builds on the last post, Save More Spend Less, which was all about how to save more money on a daily basis. Saving money is obviously a great start if you want to begin building wealth, but it won’t make much sense to hoard cash if it’sContinue reading “Eliminating Debt”

Save More Spend Less

In my previous post, I encouraged you to monitor your accounts in an effort to track your spending habits. Today, I will explain why this is one of the most important steps in your personal finance journey. Assuming you have done your tracking, lets jump straight into it. Tracking your spending is key because itContinue reading “Save More Spend Less”

Humble Beginnings

Where to start… personal finance is an extremely valuable skill to learn and practice no matter who you are, but it isn’t something you learn and wait to use. It is difficult in the fact that it takes constant persistence every day, because once you stop using it you’re back to where you started. TheContinue reading “Humble Beginnings”

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