Get to know Wyatt:

I am a 22 year old senior at the University of Nevada, Reno pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. During my time at UNR, I have been able to gain experience in the management field working for UPS(2017-present). With UPS, I’ve managed groups of employees ranging from ten to thirty people at once, while simultaneously learning valuable time management and leadership skills. Although my resume to this point describes me as all things management, my long term goal is pursuing entrepreneurial work in personal finance and real estate. I have always wanted to achieve financial independence and I believe the skills I learn in my management field will be vital if I wish to become a successful entrepreneur. Moving on from professional attributes to my personal life, my hobbies range from outdoor activities such as hiking and traveling to casual fun like video games and sports. Of course, I enjoy all of those things with friends and family whenever possible. I am very outgoing and can have a conversation about anything, so please feel free to reach out and connect!

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