Humble Beginnings

Where to start… personal finance is an extremely valuable skill to learn and practice no matter who you are, but it isn’t something you learn and wait to use. It is difficult in the fact that it takes constant persistence every day, because once you stop using it you’re back to where you started. The goal of this post along with future posts on the blog are to help inform and guide you through the many facets of understanding personal finance.

So, what is the point of practicing personal finance? Well, that part is up to you, but personally I look at as having more money available, simple as that. Whether you’re trying to save a couple hundred dollars for the new Xbox, or you’re trying to save a million dollars for retirement, the point is reaching whatever monetary goal you have as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Although throughout future posts I may use examples with large numbers, it is important to realize that practicing personal finance is not only beneficial to people who already have a lot of money. It is actually most practical for people like you and I, because we have the most to gain. The hardest part is starting off, and I recommend anybody who wants to take this serious to start tracking your accounts daily. Over a couple weeks or even a few days, your spending habits will show themselves to you if you take note of every dollar that enters or exits your account. Most of my posts will build upon the premise of saving more money, so the logical first step is tracking your account daily in an effort to analyze and reduce spending.

I hope this serves as a useful introduction into personal finance, and I encourage you to reach out and connect. If you have any tips and suggestions for me, I would definitely appreciate them! I am new to the practice as well and I will be learning along the way, same as you.

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